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This project is a combination of a sandbox and god simulator. You get enough super powers to create a world from scratch or even destroy it. Are you ready to create and shape your own virtual world? It will be a really thrilling adventure where you will become a real god and decide who will live and what will happen in your virtual space. It is going to be cool to have this unlimited power. Let’s start this fun right now!

Experiment with biomes and creatures

You will be building absolutely everything in this pixelated universe. First, you should create biomes – there is a whole range of possible biomes you can choose. They all have different terrains and characteristics. Also, you can spawn different mobs depending on the biome you have selected. Some mobs can be considered universal, with the ability to reside in all environments. But there are also unique mods that can exist only in particular biomes. There are 15 terrains in the menu, and some of them you can create using just seeds. The most popular ones are Savannah, Jungle, Desert and Candy landscapes. Then you need to decide what race will dominate in your world. You have four options to choose from – humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs. These living beings have intellect and even leaders in their cities and kingdoms. All races differ and have their own demands. For example, orcs do not love humans, and dwarves do not elves. Besides races, you will meet a lot of other creatures in WorldBox – insects, aliens, zombies and dragons. Some of them produce resources and others are harmful. So think well before you add any of them to your biome.

Do what you want with your world!

Do not forget that you are a god in your virtual universe. It means you have an absolute power and can act as you wish. You can focus on building and producing resources and develop a mighty empire in this game. Another option is to torture your civilization with various trials and challenges – check how and whether they will survive natural disasters like earthquakes or tornados. You can also send a plaque to see whether your race will manage to become immune to different viruses. But there is also another scenario possible here – you can choose a way of destruction and easily ruin everything you have created. This is the main attraction of this game – you are the boss here and only you make decisions.

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