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WorldBox 2

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Discover an exciting world creating simulator where you will be able to build your own pixelated world. Are you ready to become a god and grow a unique civilization? Your power is endless – you can build a variety of biomes and inhabit them with people or fantastic creatures. There are so many tools here that your virtual universe will be fully unique.

Build a powerful empire!

You are the only author of everything you see on the screen. You start on an empty map, and you need to fill it with life. Distribute waters, lands, mountains and other terrain to your liking in this game. You will get access to basic biomes at first, and then you will unlock new ones. Check the menu to see all the features you can enjoy in each biome. Moreover, you will have to inhabit them with mobs – their selection is also stunning in WorldBox. You can breed sheep, wolves, orcs, elves, humans and even aliens here. Each group comes with unique features and will require different food. Do not forget to collect resources and spawn new creatures all the time.

Develop or ruin!

No one can dictate you what to do in this game. And this is the main attraction of the project. You can grow and strengthen your civilization. Organize natural disasters like earthquakes or tornadoes to learn them to survive. Let them have kids and develop strong infrastructure. Your virtual characters will fight with unexpected invaders, for example, dinosaurs or try to become immune to deadly viruses. You are absolutely free to surprise them with all possible challenges. There are no rules or restrictions here – you just need to unleash your creativity to have more fun! And once you are tired of playing and want to start everything anew – no problem! Just wipe your civilization with one move or explosion and build something different. The game will be interesting and engaging for all age groups – you can check it all right now!

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