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Melon Playground

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There are many simulators online you can enjoy today. If you want to test something that will make you forget of everything around – try Melon Playground. It is a project where your main mission is to ruin and destruct. Despite a good portion of violence, the entertainment is a great tool to get rid of the stress and negative emotions. So what are you supposed to do here? There is no particular plot in this game. Your main and only task is to make various experiments with stickmen trying to destroy them. Are you ready to check it out?

Do not be afraid to experiment!

You will get access to a rich arsenal of various tools and devices that you can use to complete the task. Stickmen will appear in the arena, and you need to invent the way to kill them. At first, you will deal with a single personage only. But their number will continuously grow – you will need to train enough to be able to confront a whole crowd of opponents. To make the walkthrough really enjoyable, you will need to use your creativity!

Organize epic battles!

The game features will allow you to stage different scenes, from 1×1 fights to spectacular battles. Your opponents will also use weapons trying to fend off your attacks. So you can see an epic confrontation on the screen. Win round after round, earn points and upgrade your weaponry arsenal. The possibilities are endless – do not hesitate to invent something new and thrilling to watch how it will work in battles.

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