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Are you searching for a new toybox where you can spend long hours having fun? Consider Super WorldBox, a simulator where you will turn into literally a god? How is that? Everything is more than simple – you will get powers and tools to create a new world. And this virtual universe will fully match your expectations! This release is actually a spinoff of WorldBox and comes with a lot of stunning things added to the gameplay. So let’s get it started?

From landscapes to creatures!

You will need to build your world from zero. At first you are to add lands and waters to the map. To make things easier, the developers have prepared elements you can use as a starting point. These are biomes – the terrains that you will use to cover the areas of your world. Each of them comes with a set of features and creatures that can reside here. You will have to spawn lots of mobs to get enough resources for your main inhabitants. These are one of the races that will live here. You decide yourself whether your characters are human or orcs, elves or dwarves. Once you select one of these, make sure to check what kind of food you need to get for them and what living conditions they need to progress. This approach will allow you to build a mighty empire with strong inhabitants!

What’s new in this release?

There are a few cool things players will enjoy! Now you can create your heroes and different villains. This feature is very important as you can design creatures with unique abilities that will help you conquer new lands and dominate over other kingdoms. You can create and breed dragons, unicorns, and even aliens and zombies in your world. Another cool update is that now you can enjoy multiplayer mode – it is much more exciting to compete with other players in real time. Alternatively, you can team up with your friend and work on the same civilization together. There are endless twists of the plot you can experience. And you are free to modify the game development on your own. In case you are bored or just not happy about what you have created – you may easily delete it! The activity will be engaging for all players – so Super WorldBox is definitely worth trying!

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