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WorldBox Online

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What would you do if you were a god? Of course, you would try to create your own world, right? This is exactly what you can do in this amazing simulator. You will be creating your virtual universe. Just study the menu before you start the game to know what you can do in this cool simulator. One thing you can be sure about – you will have long hours of fun and joy!

Experiment with biomes and races

When the game begins, you see an empty map. So you need to fill it. The initial step is to cover the map with some kind of terrain and create some landscapes. There are over a dozen biomes you can choose from. Each of them comes with unique features and allows you to spawn different mobs here. You will need mob for producing resources for your race. And the main inhabitants of your world are one of the four available races. You can choose from humans, orcs, elves and dwarves. But not all of them like each other, so you need to think well not to provoke wars and conflicts. Each race needs special things – make sure you spawn enough mobs to provide your race with the proper food. There are lots of options for experiments – test them all for more fun!

Set your own goals!

The developers do not restrict players with any goals. You are free to make any choices and decisions. You can build and develop your world to a desired level, and then you can just ruin it. There are plenty of tools for creating, as well as various methods of destruction. Do not be afraid to do weird thing and experiment with as many of them as possible. You will be able to see spectacular scenes – organize epic battles, activate a lot of natural disasters and see how your characters will cope with them. You can also simplify everything and just push one button to delete everything! Have endless fun in WorldBox online!

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