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Pizza Tower

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In this engaging platformer, you will play for a cool personage – Peppino. He owns a little pizzeria that is threatened to be destroyed by terrible bosses that live in Pizza Tower. But the protagonist is not going to give up. On the contrary, he is determined to protect his lovely restaurant and deal with his enemies. So he makes a decision to sneak into the tower and become the first to defeat the rivals. It will be a real trial to get through a creepy maze to the top of the tower and deal with endless

Kill all enemies with pizza!

Peppino will find himself in a very dangerous environment that is designed as a labyrinth. Now the hero needs to reach the very top of it to defeat the main boss! Luckily, the hero will be able to use a special weapon – and it is pizza! But before that he will need to make this pizza. It will not be difficult – you will find all the ingredients floating in the air. Each ingredient has a unique power. You can use it either to destroy the opponents or to strengthen yourself. A piece of pizza can be thrown as a projectile to kill your enemy. This process is very engaging as you can combine different components and experiment with the result. Will you manage to destroy the main boss?

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