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Looking for the project where fun never ends? Consider WorldBox, a playground where you will become a god! In other words, you will get all the necessary tools and resources to create your fantastic world where everything will be arranged to your liking. You will also start and develop a civilization here. And moreover, you are the one who can easily destroy it all when you believe the times comes for it. It sounds unbelievably thrilling, doesn’t it? So let’s learn a bit more about this unusual simulator.

How to play?

The very first step is to create the environment. The possibilities are practically endless here. You will be able to create different biomes and inhabit it with all possible creatures – from tiny microorganisms to large civilizations. It is up to you what terrain to make and what climate to choose for it. Each biome allows you to experiment with flora and fauna. There are also several races you can use for your lands – humans, elves, dwarves and orcs. Each of these groups consumes different food, and you will have to carefully read the manual to understand what additional creatures or plants you need to provide them with enough supplies. All races also have different traits that you need to support to allow them to grow. Most biomes come with a number of different resources that you can use for the further development of your world. And most of the mobs can be spawn naturally in these biomes. Still some of them will require special conditions.

What is your goal?

Actually, there is no any particular goal in WorldBox. You yourself decide what you do here and when the process is to be stopped. However, there a lot of challenged and everyday objectives that you need to complete to maintain life in your virtual universe. You will have to organize battles with monstrous creatures, teach your inhabitants to live through natural disasters and make them interact between themselves. Your characters will grow, get older, have kids and so on. It is even possible to spawn dragons and aliens in some biomes. You will be able to organize cool battles and even wars between the inhabitants of your world. And the weirdest feature of this unusual entertainment is that you can stop your walkthrough at any time you want. You can destroy whatever you have built in just one click once you decide so. Long hours of fun are awaiting you in this game.

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