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It is another cool simulator where you will have a really weird mission. You will meet Mr.Tomatos, a personage that is always hungry. And you need to feed him. Actually, there is nothing difficult about this task once you strictly follow the instructions. Will you manage to satisfy this fussy protagonist? Give it a try right now!

Why is it so hard to please the hero?

Your character loves to eat without stop. But he does not eat everything. He is very fussy and loves only some food. You need to follow his tastes and give him only ingredients he likes. Moreover, you sometimes need to mix different ingredients. But if even one of them is wrong – Mr.Tomatos will immediately reject it. Once he consumes something wrong, he gets upset and even angry. It is better not to test his patience, otherwise, the hero will get mad!

Does your intuition work well?

The first levels are comparatively simple – it will not be difficult to select the approved food. Then, you will have to blend several ingredients. Even that stage is still manageable. But when you progress, some of ingredients come packed in bags, and you can only guess what is inside. Here, you can rely only on your intuition. Note that if you make too many mistakes, Mr.Tomatos will get extremely angry. The risk to get him mad is unbelievably high. So how long will you maintain it right? And what will happen if you still make it wrong? Start playing now to find it out.

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