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Do you love various tests where you need to demonstrate your school knowledge? Then you may try this new entertainment where you just need to prove you are good at math and geometry and that your logic works well. Nothing extraordinary, just a bit weird teacher. It is Ms.Lemons! Are you ready to pass her online test? Then let’s get started right now!

Welcome to the class of Ms. Lemons!

The teacher is already waiting you in her class with an interactive board. She will ask you questions, and your task is to come up with correct solutions. However, note that Ms. Lemons is strict enough and will immediately get upset if you make too many mistakes. You will even see an irritation scale behind her – every time you fail to answer correctly, you will add one point to this scale. And if you are a true loser and fill it, your teacher will get absolutely mad. We warn you that it is better not to risk and irritate her! Otherwise, the consequences may be unpredictable!

Will you survive after all?

Every level brings trickier tasks. In addition, you have restricted time to provide an answer. Sooner or later, you will start making mistakes. What will happen if you reach the highest level of Ms.Lemons’ irritation? The teacher will go really mad! And what is more frightening – she will turn into a real monster and change the rules of the game. It is not a simple test anymore, now you need to survive. And there are miserable chances to complete this new quest successfully. Are you still going to check your logic and knowledge? Get prepared to go through endless thrills!

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