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WorldBox King Of Kings

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Are you a fan of the WorldBox simulator? Then you know that you will play a role of a god. Yes, you have read it correctly – you are offered to test how well you will cope with an unlimited power. In this particular project, you will be creating your own world in the virtual space. The map in front of you is empty – you need to add islands, terrains, and inhabitants. You will start the process of evolution and continue it until you are bored. Let’s start it now!

What are you to do here?

You just need to build your own universe. There are many scenarios you can realize. First of all, you are free to select the preferred biomes that you will put on your planet. Once you have landscapes ready – someone must live there, right? You have four races in the menu – humans, orcs, elves and even dwarves. Each of them needs special care and resources to be able to develop and progress. Races consume different food and need different resources to survive. The latter can be obtained through the help of mobs. The range if these creatures is wide – from cows and sheep to dragons! So make sure you spawn enough mobs in each biome to satisfy the needs of each race.

Get King of Kings achievements

There is no any special plot here – you just need to build the world in the way you like it. However, as you play, you can unlock one of multiple achievements. King of Kings is considered to be one of the most difficult things to achieve. For this, you are to create a really strong civilization. For this, your race needs to build their own kingdom, develop the infrastructure and form strong forces. The key idea is to make your civilization powerful enough to conquer other kingdoms and dominate in your virtual world. You must take into account a number of aspects to adapt your inhabitants to all possible trials and teach them to overcome all difficulties. Do you have a workable strategy to complete this mission successfully?

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