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WorldBox – God Simulator

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What about creating your own civilization? No, it is not a nasty joke. In this cool simulator, you will be able to realize this idea and build your own world! It may seem difficult at the start, but you will soon understand how everything works here.

What will your world look like?

The developers have given you a role of a god. So you are to decide what kind of a world you are going to build. The project gives you enough tools to create a unique universe. The very first step is to select a biome which you will develop and fill with inhabitants. Currently, the menu offers you fifteen different biomes, and in most cases, you just need to buy seeds to start a particular biome on your map. The next step is to inhabit it with mobs. Each terrain allows to spawn different creatures, but some of them are universal and can live everywhere. And the most important thing – you must select a race that will live in your biome. There are four different races here – orcs, dwarves, elves and humans. As you may have already guessed, all races have unique traits and demands. For example, you will need to provide these living beings with food and resources. So you will have to spawn special mobs, depending on the requirements of your world inhabitants. You will have to take some time and carefully study the manual to the game to understand what mobs are required for each race and how to spawn them.

Creation or destruction?

This simulator has one distinctive feature that distinguishes it from other games in this genre. You are definitely encouraged to create here. But at the same time, you have the same power to destroy. So, you can organize a lot of challenges for your virtual population – test their survival skill by organizing various natural disasters. You will have a number of challenges for your race – send them a virus of a deadly disease and watch how they will fight it. Besides, you may involve them into cruel wars where they will fight for new territories. All races have intellect, and they will try to interact, build infrastructures and cope with all difficulties. You can help them or, on the contrary, add even more challenges. And once you believe it is time for an entirely new adventure, you can delete your whole world with just one move of your finger. The entertainment is a logical quest that will be interesting for both kids and adults. So do not miss a chance to enjoy it!

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