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The fans of the WorldBox simulator will be delighted to learn about new updates to their favorite project. Innovations are always fun as they bring new rules, features and a lot of new content. This simulator has become really popular and is played by thousands of players worldwide. The explanation is simple – you become a god in this game and can build your own world. The main attraction is that the project gets regular updates that unlock new cool possibilities to its fans.

Unleash your creativity and create!

You start from scratch and need to build a whole world. Do not worry if you have not done anything like this before – there are enough prompts here to do it right. You must first fill the empty map with various landscapes. For this, look through biomes – currently there are 15 different versions. Then think about what mobs you will breed and spawn. Some of them can be found in each biome, while others exist only in special areas. Why do you need mobs? They will bring you resources that you will need for the further development of your world. And now, you must have population. There are four races in WorldBox – humans, orcs, elves and dwarves. They all are different and need different conditions, food and other resources. Besides, they are not always friendly to each other!

Use the latest updates

You can build a really strong civilization here. There are enough powerful tools here to construct absolutely everything here – form primitive structures to modern skyscrapers. The built-in AI allows the game to adapt to your actions and make your inhabitants find new solutions to various trials and challenges. You can test your civilization by forcing them to fight with natural disasters or diseases. Use new features and create new interaction. And do not forget to check what new mobs you can use for your world – there is always something new in the menu to experiment with. So follow the updates to make your gameplay more exciting and versatile. Discover the latest innovations right now!

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